Owning a holiday home in India is now easy.

During the pandemic, one thing that got us through tough times was beautiful memories of the past, and the hope to create more such beautiful ones in the future. We started realizing the value of time, especially the quality time spent with our loved ones. The thing we missed the most was traveling, the feeling of roaming in a new city, taking road trips, and exploring mountains & beaches. We realized the privilege of watching the sunset by the lakeside and taking a breather outside the city. The people who had holiday homes spent more than half of the pandemic there. If only all of us had access to holiday homes, right? 

ALYF is India’s first technology-enabled, holiday home platform that offers the modern concept of Smart Ownership. With this model, you can either own a complete, ½, ¼, or ⅛  share of a fully furnished luxury villa through co-ownership depending on your budget and requirements. 
Here are 6 ways how ALYF has made owning a holiday home easier:

  • With our extensive selection of vetted properties, we help you find your dream holiday home at a fraction of the cost. For eg: you can own an INR 2 crore home at just INR 25 lakhs.
  • We help you optimize usage via easy and equitable scheduling between smart-owners (co-owners).
  • With ALYF you can own the property at ½, ¼, or ⅛ of its price.
  • We offer end-to-end solutions with ALYF Care - professionally managed housekeeping so that you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs or cleaning the pool.
  • We help you monetize your holiday home by renting it out on your unutilised days.
  • We offer a simplified exit by offering a preferred valuation to buyers.

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