Smart Ownership Explained

Haven't we all dreamt of owning a villa at a holiday destination where we can relax and unwind with our friends and family? There is always this thought of what if we could own a luxury villa or one day we will own one.

What if we tell you that the day is here and that you could now own a villa that will not cost you a fortune?

ALYF's Smart Ownership is an innovative model that gives you all the benefits of owning a villa without the hassle of managing and maintaining it. 

What is Smart Ownership?

We have seen that people that own holiday homes, end up visiting them for not more than 30-40 days a year. The smart ownership model makes holiday homes accessible and more practical. 

ALYF’s Smart Ownership model offers shares of their properties which reduces the investment amount while dividing the days of usage among the owners. They also facilitate rental earnings and completely manage the homes of their owners.

This model comes along with additional benefits like zero maintenance, concierge services, tech-based management and so much more. In simple terms, you own a share in a holiday home and enjoy the property while we manage and maintain it for you.
This model allows you to own luxurious properties at unbelievably low prices.
You can buy right from ⅛ to full ownership of the specially curated properties at the most sought-after holiday destinations.

Why Smart Ownership?
  • You own the whole property at a fraction of the cost
  • Makes luxury holiday homes accessible to everyone
  • No worries about maintenance, legal formalities, and the safety of the property
  • Additional rental income from unutilized days
  • Earn capital appreciation 
  • More options and locations to invest in
How can ALYF help you become a smart owner?
Through ALYF's Smart Ownership, you can own full, ½, ¼ &  ⅛ of the holiday home. 
In contrast to single ownership, Smart Ownership allows you to enjoy a fully managed & serviced, gorgeous home with endless views, manicured lawns, and a private pool that you can dive into whenever you feel like - all at a fraction of the cost.
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